Google Adwords Vs Facebook Ads

It happened a few days ago, a colleague, an interesting email exchange with a Google Adwords account manager who proposed his advice to start the first Adwords campaign.

It is well known that Google makes available to the subjects " Google Advertising Professional " for the first month of the first campaign , what instead amazed me is the tone and the communicative approach, in my opinion a little too aggressive (but obviously not only mine, since my colleague finally refused the help made available for free).

The strategy was the following: a first telephone contact, where the consultant explained all the benefits of being followed by an expert for a month. Soon after, sending an email, which more or less reiterated the same concepts:

List all the benefits of having an expert and free resource available;
Propose a daily budget with a forecast of potential traffic;
Already in this first email, I found some phrases at least dubious and irritating, I quote quoting:

Google is willing to invest in a possible collaboration by providing a resource for free,

It is good to enhance the service offered, but so it seems exaggerated!

With a budget of this amount [€ 35.00 / day] it is possible to create a campaign aimed at your business, making you stand in the first positions of Google and partner sites in order to attract customers correctly

We know that, the choice of the budget is a strategic element, on the other hand one of the advantages of Adwords lies in the freedom to choose their budget … so it remains strange this sort of "imposed amount" … and not even the case of the lowest !!

The reply of my friend / colleague was that an investment of about € 1000 a month, it was not what they thought they were spending and that they would rather stay a little lower. The answer was as follows:

the budget is a theoretical amount of non-binding spending, but to go on advertising with consistency the recommended ceiling is the proposed one … it's not a negotiation … but to have a minimum success you have to trust me … when you spend a I do not care … .but if you want contacts you have to create reliability …

The answer from the Google Advertising Professional I must say has left both stunned!

Meanwhile, these claims is not a negotiation, when indeed if Google imposes a budget through its operators, it seems to me to be one of the strengths of Adwords (although, of course, you have the option to decline help and manage independently the campaign and therefore also the budget).

Secondly, linking the concept of high investment to reliability is at least incorrect , reliability is created through a navigable site, well structured and transparent in the information it provides, the credibility derives from the service that is offered, which is valid and advantageous, certainly not investing more money with Google!

Finally, the choice to use trust as the decisive motivation: according to the operator to be successful you have to trust him, who is an employee paid by Google and that is pushing us towards a daily investment with Google high … and then also adds that we should trust ?? It seems quite absurd!

So I immediately thought that this more aggressive and targeted approach to customer investment can also be a practical reaction to Facebook Ads that do nothing but eat land at Adwords .

Because if on the one hand it is true that the CTR of Adwords ads in search results is higher than that of Facebook ads , where the user, is not looking for anything, but has fun and wanders in his account talking to friends, from 'other Facebook offers profiled users like Google if you can only dream it and this means ads in target to 110% !!

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