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Today I inaugurate a section that I hope will gather your consensus and above all help you in the small big decisions to be taken when you choose to let your business enter the web or you intend to make a big change or an important investment.

I received the following request a few days ago:

I have to create a site for online sales of mobile accessories and I wanted some advice about search engine optimization. Thank you very much for helping. Fabio

Dear Fabio, your question opens up endless possibilities and a myriad of interventions for which you could write a book in installments, there are in fact many factors for the optimization of an e-commerce site, especially if it is an online store of mobile phone accessories that are not only in a very competitive sector, but often have to compete with giants and multinationals such as Amazon, Euronics and Marco Polo.

I feel, however, to put the accent on an aspect as important as undervalued, in e-commerce in general, or the contents of the product sheets . In all these years of experience I have often seen well-structured e-commerce, with pleasing graphics and a good browsing experience but with almost nonexistent content in the cards or even worse duplicates, taken from other websites, from the manufacturer or from competitors.

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My advice then Fabio is to take care of the cards of the items on sale by entering as much information as you have about the product, fishing from your experience in the field and offering original content that the user will not find in other sites similar to yours . Always include your personal contribution dictated by episodes that have occurred to you, questions that have asked the customers, problems that you have already faced, unique and original returns in the presentation of your products and only then you can emerge from the crowd and win even on big competitors .

The creation of original and detailed cards will not only have a positive impact on the user, but will help you, and not a little, in the positioning of the cards on Google and the other search engines. This work, although difficult (I understand that often seems a "mission impossible" to find something original on a product on which everything has already been said!) Is the first fundamental piece of optimization work!

So I recommend to all those who want to open an e-commerce or who already have it, to dedicate a lot of time and care to the realization of the sheets of their products and over time the results in terms of optimization and positioning and above all sales will soon be to come!

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