Immigrants from Izmir arriving to Yehud, October 1948
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Letter from the Chairman
Welcome to the new website of the Arkadash – The Turkish Community in Israel.

The association was established by me and a group of friends young and older. Then, as today we thought that it is important to give the community a place in the pages of history. The Turkish Jewish community in Israel has contributed so much to the settlement of the state of Israel in her early days.

When the state of Israel was established it was important to produce the "TZABAR", with one language and one culture and to throw all the various cultures that the Olim brought with them from the Diaspora.
In those days it was probably important to create the "ISRAELI".

Today that I am a real Israeli, Hebrew-speaking, after 3 years service in the Israeli army, and without doubt a real Tzabar, it was  important for me  to learn and to know more about where I came from.
During journey to my past, searching for my roots over the Internet I found that there are no sources about the Turkish Jewish community in Israel, there was no center that will tell the community story for future generations.
There was no organization that produces cultural and social activities designed for the Turkish community; there is no organization that raises the culture, the Ladino langeyal peretzuage and the heritage of this wonderful community.
Therefore, since 2002 me and my friends' colleagues invest our efforts and time to correct this injustice.

I invite you to join the association, to participate in the association activities and if you wish to be a part of our volunteers group.
 I invite you to join the mailing list, here on the right and get updates and news of the association, you can also subscribe to the website. 
                          Eyal Peretz
The association was founded in 2003, of purpose to research, preserve nurture and promote the heritage of Judaism Turkey the Ladino language.  Alongside this end the association is working to promote and care for the relations between the peoples of Israel and Turkey and serve as a bridge to dialogue and tolerance.
Over 4000 members have joined the association since it was established. About 40 volunteers operate the various activities of the Association and the twelve branches located throughout the country.
The Association is creating a various cultural and social activities for the Turkish Jewish Community in Israel and the other people who are interested of participating in such activities. Most of the association's members came to Israel in its first days, and contributed a lot to its establishment and foundation.

Association Activities

The association organizes roots tours to Izmir and to Istanbul, Turkiyada in Park Hayarkon, weekends and daily tours throughout the country, lectures, conferences and parties at the Jewish holidays, the association is publishing a newspaper and support publishing books  of the personal stories of members of the community. The association promotes a comprehensive study and research about the Community since deportation from Spain via Turkey and till today.



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