Immigrants from Izmir arriving to Yehud, October 1948
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Twin cities alliance, is a classic way to promote friendship between peoples. 

In the agreements between the authorities, the authorities agree to cooperate on issues such as:  exchange delegations and information in the field of culture, sports, science, law, technology, rehabilitation of older /ancient buildings, echaning knowledge and information about the management of local authority.

Personal ties between authorities  leaders are created and slowly expands to the delegations, city symbols receivea Twin city name and the civilians are getting to know the twin city.

Arkadas Association serves as intermediary for finding and implementing an alliance twin cities, interested in locating a city twin city in Turkey, the configuration of contact by telephone 03-5361666.

 List of Israeli cities have sister cities  in Turkey.

1. Kadıköy - Petah-Tikva

2. İzmir - Tel-Aviv

3. Bursa - Hetzeliya

4. Antalya - Bat-Yam

5. Adana - Beer-Sheva