Immigrants from Izmir arriving to Yehud, October 1948
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Learning Turkish

Due to a huge demand for Turkish language lessons, the association decided to start a course of the language study.
The course first began in 2004 and dozens of courses already successfully completed, some are still learning to this day in order to enrich the language, knowledge and the vocabulary. 
The in charge of the course, also teaches in practice, Abraham Lego, immigrant from Turkey, that speaking fluent Hebrew.

Where is the course?
The course takes place in the Turkish Jewish Heritage Center in Yehud, 15, Tenenbaum St. 15, in the classrooms of up to 10 students.
You can also learn remote
For the benefit of those who live far from the center, the association operates a system of "Distance Learning", which allows watching, listening and participating in through the internet.
The payment for "Distance Learning" is as a regular course, the benefit is saving fuel and time.

 Log on "Distance Learning" (a user name and password will be given after payment).
Who learns?
The Israeli Foreign Ministry representatives in Turkey, business people doing business with Turkey, tourists that travel alot to Turkey, Immigrants who came at young age or the descendants of immigrants from Turkey that wants to connect to their routs.

Turkish Course - Beginners
Scope of the course: 12 weekly meetings of an hour and a half (18 hours)
Course Duration: 3 Months
Glaim: All Age
 Requirements: Knowledge of English alphabet
 --            Turkish alphabet with an emphasis on English letters isolation.
 --            Steering correct reading of the letters.
 --            Sentence structure.
 --            Finance of about 500 words.
 --            Basic Call Management
 The course takes place in a Mondays

 Turkish Course - Advanced
 Scope of the course: 12 weekly meetings of an hour and a half (18 hours)
 Course Duration: 3 Months
 Glaim: All Age
 Requirements: Basic knowledge of Turkish / course graduates begin
 --            Grammar
 --            Expansion Finance words
 --            Call management consists of
 The course takes place on Wednesdays
How much does it cost?
Course Cost to association member: 400 NIS, Guest (Non-Member): 440 NIS / membership per year: 50 NIS.
How can I register?
 You can contact the course manager, Mr. Abraham - 052-6532000 or by phone: 03-5361666
 Good luck