Immigrants from Izmir arriving to Yehud, October 1948
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 Israel - Turkey Friendship

 In order to promote the friendship association operates in several levels:

1.  Information on the Internet in Turkish and English : The website, facebook group, Turkish Forum

2.  Promote alliances twin cities.

3.  Delegations exchange: young, professional.

4. Hosting media and guests from at the Turkish Jewish Heritage Center.

5. The monument in memory of Atatork.

6.  Cooperation with the Ankara embassy, and the consulate in Istanbul.

7. Creating good relationship with the Turkish embassy, headed by the Turkish Ambassador.



 Arkadash Association - The Turkish Community in Israel, also work to promote  Israel - Turkey friendship. 

 Care and promoting friendship between peoples appears at the association targets and at the annual budget of the association.

 At the association you can find Many Turkish-speaking , that are familiar with the Turkish culture, which allows a comfortable dialogue with the people in Turkey.

 In fact the Association and the Turkish Judaism are the type of bridge, that conects between the Israeli people and the Turkish people, through language, cultural customs.

Israel former ambassador in Turkey Dr. Zvi El-Peleg told me once, "Relations between countries are made by ambassadors diplomats, but the friendships between people are  and by the people.

Cultivation friendship between Israel and Turkey, is no easy task, it requires a deep acquaintance with the Turkish behavior codes.